Reimagine Healthcare

AffableBPM optimizes operational processes for Healthcare organizations. Easily automate your processes while maintaining compliance at every stage – prepare, capture, manage, review, approve, and distribute. Our easy to follow process offers tools to expertly execute with confidence – workflows, e-signature, real time analytics and visual dashboards.

Empower employees and enhance workforce experiences

AffableBPM provides solutions that increase staff’s productivity through automated workflows and business process improvements.  Automating new employee onboarding can save time, reduce paperwork, and lower human error. Improving the employee onboarding experience results in reducing expenses,  decreasing employee attrition rate, and improving employee hire percentages.

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Protect health information and manage risk

Privacy, compliance, and security are major concerns when managing the sensitive information required by healthcare organizations. AffableBPM reduces complications across the many different aspects of healthcare.  Its multi-level security authorization, encryption, and audit logs diversify information use and follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  AffableBPM streamlines processes and allows organizations to stay focused on delivering the best healthcare possible while reducing risk.

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Optimize operational outcomes

AffableBPM accelerates and optimizes back-end office processes and provides support to improve clinical operations. Improve collaboration between clinical services and business operations to meet Accountable Care Act requirements for supporting community health. Achieve results and reduce the costs of care by enabling personalized care, empowering care teams, and ensuring security and compliance.

The AffableBPM solution centralizes, and optimizes manual workflows to meet required standards, such as HIPAA and CFR. This ensures full transparency, quick proper approvals, and the capability to perform audits through activity trail logs that meet industry compliance. Diminish the challenges of tracking and maintaining compliance with regulations while managing sensitive data.

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