Frequently Asked Questions

 AI-Enabled AffableBPM – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Navigate the world of AI-Enabled AffableBPM confidently with our comprehensive FAQ guide. Unlock clarity on common queries, empowering you to harness the full potential of intelligent business process management

 AI-Enabled AffableBPM – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Navigate the world of AI-Enabled AffableBPM confidently with our comprehensive FAQ guide. Unlock clarity on common queries, empowering you to harness the full potential of intelligent business process management

Users information

"What is the maximum number of users for AffableBPM Express, Midsize Enterprise or AffableBPM Enterprise, and how many users can access the software at the same time?"

AffableBPM Express, targeting small to mid-sized businesses, can allocate up to 10 system users for their business or a department. In addition, an unlimited number of restricted external users are also able to be configured by creating an external user account and granting access to individual records. The Midsize addresses the user need of up to 100 users with needs of one or more workflows.

In AffableBPM Midsize Enterprise and Enterprise, the pricing model is dependent on an approximate range of users who will be using the system.

In all editions, there is no limit on the number of users concurrently accessing AffableBPM.

How many users online can access the software at the same time?

There is no a limit on the number of users to access AffableBPM at any time. It has unlimited multiple-user access.

How do I set up new users and user access to documents?

Setting up of a new user will be done by your designated organization’s System Administrator(s) or Super User(s). On the Administrator screen, there will be a Security sub menu. Under this sub menu the first step is to first select the New User, then enter the Username, input the password in the Assign Password field and retype the password to verify. Instructions for this and other processes are included in the “Administrator User Manual”.

Customization Tab

Our organization has unique workflow processes and requirements, how will the software applications meet our needs?

AffableBPM is unique in that it provides you, the end user ability to customize the software for your own business applications The AffableBPM software product has the ability for instantaneous changes to be made to the database structure due to the use of SQL modules. Data fields can be re-titled, sequence of order revised, and fields added or removed to meet changes in your workflow processes. You do not need to know how to write code and can make changes immediately.

If a document is assigned for review, can the assignee receive an immediate notification email with a link to view/edit the document?

Yes, features of the AffableBPM application are designed for data entry and storage, but with a twist. Once you have entered and stored the data, you are allowed to designate what other parties have access to and in your order of preference. The record in the database now becomes collaborative as you can route this record to others inside and outside of the organization whereby, with the right authorization, they can comment and add other attachments as necessary. All of this information is securely routed and captured with a full audit trail of what has transpired over the course of this record. It allows for easy collaboration with all users while enforcing the consistency of standards for the entire workflow process.

AffableBPM has the feature for instituting Tickler Dates for reminders at times intervals that you designate. These automatic reminders are used to ensure follow-up occurs timely. An email alert or notification will be sent to you or another person supporting your needs to stay current and not drop essential actions. The AffableBPM system may be used offsite by anyone who has the Edge browser and the Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher on their computer equipment.

System Requirements

What are the system requirements before I can use the software?

AffableBPM utilizes the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. It is a web-based Secured server hosting solution and allows access from any computer that meets the minimum requirements:

  • Windows 10 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge
  • There may be changes required to the Proxy Server/Firewall if you use one. All traffic on all ports must be allowed between the AffableBPM website and the user’s computer

Reporting Information

Can I create custom and dashboard reports?

The AffableBPM application has a robust reporting system where you can pull information out of the database at the field level and automatically export and populate it directly to an Excel spreadsheet where the data can be further manipulated. All database fields that are created can be queried for indexing or reporting. AffableBPM has advanced reporting features that include enhanced filters, joining of criteria, scheduling of saved reports, exporting to PDF format, and the ability to save reports and share globally or on an individual user basis.

The reporting within AffableBPM allows the creation of custom reports with a few mouse clicks. When a report is created, it may be saved and run multiple times, exported to Excel or PDF, or scheduled to run at set times and dates. Dashboard reports customized to your needs are available. The automated notification system sends e-mail notifications for records/contracts expiring soon.


What are the types of documents that I can upload?

The AffableBPM application is designed to attach forms or any other electronic medium i.e., video files, compressed files, etc. with drag and drop capabilities and scanning directly into folders. There are not any file size limitations of documents. It has an automatic numbering system for quick and consistent indexing. The AffableBPM application has an established Tree Structure to view custom folders and subfiles. The system will allow you to reproduce documents and reports quickly, and have easy access to all documents, images, videos, and other information that are part of the record.

How can I upload my existing data into AffableBPM?

You can easily migrate your data using the built-in bulk import facility. AffableBPM can import rows of records using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file format.

How E-Signature is used in AffableBPM?

The Signature menu allows you to manage electronic signatures that are used in signing documents. In the Signature User dropdown, select the user to that you wish to change the signature or initials. If the user has an already existing signature or initials, it will appear in their Signature and Initials boxes. Click the Browse button to find the location of the signature image and upload it. Click the Apply button when done. If you wish to remove a signature or initials, click the Clear button.

Is electronic signature legal?

Increasingly, digital signatures are used in e-commerce and in regulatory filings as digital signatures are more secure than a simple generic electronic signature. The concept itself is not new, with common law jurisdictions having recognized telegraph signatures as far back as the mid-19th century and faxed signatures since the 1980s.

How is Version Control done in AffableBPM?

Duplicate copies of documents are automatically stored and grouped using their document name. The upload date determines which the latest copy of the document is.

How Redlining is done in AffableBPM?

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Security and Compliance

How can I determine or guarantee the confidentiality of my online documents?

The AffableBPM system is HIPAA compliant with a permanent record of all data access, 2048- bit encryption environment, secure user authentication and has the capability of producing a full audit trail of all data access, updates, and routing will be captured of what has transpired over the course of the record. View or Add/Edit access may be given at the User, Department, and record, document, or field level. All data access and updates are retained for auditing purposes. All Record/data access is stored in the audit log showing a timestamp, which user accessed the record and what changes, if any, were made to the record.


How will my organization be provided notices on upgrades and status updates, and what will be the additional cost?

AffableBPM is a SaaS (Software as a Service). All upgrades are released to all customers without additional charge. Upgrades are included in the monthly maintenance service fee. Email notifications are sent to the AffableBPM System Administrator(s) or Super User(s) upon the release of upgrades, updates, or issues. Maintenance and support provided shall specifically include all new releases, modifications, updates, upgrades, enhancements, adaptations and improvements to the software and documentation prepared or released.


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