Author: Manisha Umbarje

  • Maximizing ROI Potential in Contract Management Software

    Maximizing ROI Potential: 5 Key Reasons to Invest in Quality Contract Management Software

    In today's macroeconomic context, companies are navigating through challenging times, including periods of recession or economic downturns while operating in an environment marked by rapid technological advancements, global market dynamics, and increased competition. During such periods, businesses often face financial constraints and a heightened focus on cost-cutting measures. As a result, investments, including technology-related expenses, are sometimes perceived as discretionary...

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  • Safeguarding Data Integrity in Healthcare

    Safeguarding Data Integrity in Healthcare: Leveraging Automation and Cloud-Based Solutions

    In the healthcare industry, data integrity is paramount to protect individuals’ health information and ensure accurate diagnoses, effective treatment, and regulatory compliance. Healthcare organizations may face legal actions, regulatory investigations, and potential fines for non-compliance with data protection laws, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). These legal and regulatory consequences can result in significant financial penalties and...

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  • Organization and Efficiency with Document Management

    Streamline Document Management: Boost Efficiency, Compliance, and Collaboration with Cloud-Based Solutions

    In the world of business, documents play a crucial role. Sometimes, the use of physical paper is necessary, while other times digital formats are preferred. The question then arises: Where are these documents located? Are they sitting on a desk or residing in an email?“IDC’s Global DataSphere, which forecasts the amount of data that will be created on an annual...

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  • Growth projections for customizable contract management solutions

    Maximizing Efficiency and Growth with Customizable Contract Management Solutions

    In today's dynamic business environment, contract management often poses unique challenges. Contracts underpin all business relationships, dictating the terms of partnerships, delineating responsibilities, and ensuring legal and financial compliance. As such, efficient contract management is paramount for businesses seeking to reduce risk, optimize operations, and improve relationships with clients and partners.However, standardized or 'cookie cutter' contract management solutions often fall...

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  • HIPAA compliance samples of protected information

    Demystifying HIPAA Compliance: Key Insights for Healthcare Providers

    Navigating and implementing HIPAA compliance for healthcare providers can be complex, overwhelming, and demanding at the same time. However, it's essential for anyone with access to patient information to understand and comply with this vital legal and ethical framework. SAAS solutions like AffableBPM offer a secure document repository, granting authorized users access to the information relevant to their roles. To...

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  • Non Profit​

    Realize your Vision Non Profit AffableBPM provides nonprofit organizations industry-leading technology solutions to further your mission’s impact. Having centralized and optimized business processes supports critical nonprofit needs such as growing donor support, volunteer mobilization, and expanding your community influence.

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  • Legal

    Modernize Legal Business Processes AffableBPM automates your legal operational process workflows to streamline document management and approvals while reducing risk and maintaining compliance.

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  • Higher Education​

    Operational Excellence for Higher Education AffableBPM provides higher education organizations solutions that will eliminate manual processes. Automate employee administration tasks and improve student application and scheduling programs with modern workflows.

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  • Operations

    Improve operations with customizable workflows and deliver results Managing back office administrative tasks and modifying operational processes often results in IT work requests which slow down operational efficiencies. AffableBPM remedies this through deploying easy to use, customizable automated workflows. Users can quickly update forms, modify processes, access real -time analytics, and generate reports on the fly, all improving employee productivity.

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  • Human Resources​

    Drive Human Resource Management Excellence AffableBPM provides human resource departments an economical nimble solution to assist automating workflows, processes, and compliance management. AffableBPM will improve the employee experience and drive higher employee productivity through modernizing the human resource department business processes. Modernize Employee On-boarding People are the core of business! New employees want to start work fast and not be...

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