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  • Business Process Management with Cloud Deployment

    AffableBPM: Empowering Business Process Management with Cloud Deployment

    Cloud computing has emerged as a revolutionary approach to hosting software applications, offering businesses the opportunity to leverage resources located in off-site data centers. Whether through public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, exclusive private clouds, or a combination of both, the benefits of transitioning to a cloud-based service for your business process management (BPM) are significant. So, why should you...

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  • Featured Image-Document Management

    Maximizing Document Intelligence with Document Management Solution

    As technology undergoes rapid evolution, document management software also keeps pace, continuously advancing to enhance workflows, minimize delays, and eliminate confusion through intelligent document processing. Moreover, the focus on hybrid work environment, data security and compliance has become paramount in the current business landscape. By integrating cutting-edge features such as OCR, Reporting, Electronic Signature, and Version Control, this software not...

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  • Transforming Inefficiencies into Productivity

    Transforming Inefficiencies into Productivity with Contract Document Management Software

    In our pursuit of accomplishing more in today's society, it's essential to optimize our time, resources, and work efficiency. But where do we begin? While personal productivity is often emphasized through strategies like enjoying what you do, taking breaks, establishing a work rhythm, and setting priorities, we must also address the inefficiencies that arise from essential tasks such as contract...

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  • Maximize business efficiency with automated workflows

    Maximize Business Efficiency with Automated Workflows: Unleash Success with AffableBPM

    Unlock the full potential of your workflow process with AffableBPM's top 5 features that deliver unparalleled efficiency and productivity gains. These game-changing capabilities have been handpicked by satisfied AffableBPM users, ensuring they provide maximum support and value to your business operations. Streamline Your File Management Experience: Say goodbye to the hassle of managing electronic files. With AffableBPM, you'll enjoy seamless...

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  • Benefits of digitalizing contracts

    Transform Contract Document Management with Digitalization: Boost Efficiency & Savings

    In today's fast-paced and digitally driven business environment, it is imperative to reevaluate and enhance traditional contract document management practices. “On average, companies lose 9% of their revenue due to poor contract management.”[1] “The average legal department lawyer spends up to 40% of their time working on tasks that don’t even require a lawyer’s expertise — and this includes a lot of...

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  • Shared Responsibility for Security

    Shared Responsibility: Strengthening Data Security through Employee and Organizational Accountability

    In today's context, the importance of data security and protecting sensitive information is more critical than ever. With the increasing reliance on digital technologies and remote work arrangements, the risk of data breaches has amplified. Cybercriminals are continuously developing sophisticated techniques to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to valuable data.The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the adoption of digital...

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  • What's New August 2023

    What’s New August 2023

    We are very happy to grow our diverse team to include two new members.New Team Member IntroductionManisha Umbarje: Manisha brings a wealth of experience from Technology and Marketing & Sales background to help us grow our Go-To-Market strategy with Microsoft. She is based out of Sammamish, Seattle.Trupti Dhadame: Trupti joins us from Pune, India to help us support on our...

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  • Promotion by Microsoft July and August 2023

    Promotion by Microsoft July & August 2023

    Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program We are extremely proud that our case study has been promoted by Microsoft as part of its Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program on LinkedIn. Check it out HERE. Microsoft Partner Community We are very excited to share with you that there are two more AI enabled plugins available for you to consider using as additions...

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  • Customers Visit August 2023

    Customers Visit August 2023

    We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering support during our transition from PaperTracer to AffableBPM. As part of our ongoing commitment to serving our valued customers, our team had the privilege of visiting our clients in Florida in the third week of August. We extend our sincere thanks to our...

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  • WIC-Rajashree Varma Top 100 Founder

    Industry Recognitions July 2023

    We are filled with immense pride as we take this opportunity to share the recognition we received in July from the industry. These acknowledgments highlight our dedicated endeavors in tailoring and automating back-office processes for our valued customers. Microsoft Inspire In the month of July each year, Microsoft holds its Inspire event, marking the commencement of its financial year. This...

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