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  • AffableBPM’s AI-Enabled Healthcare Revolution: A Microsoft and Women in Cloud Success Story

    Introduction:  In a groundbreaking achievement, AffableBPM, a leading AI-enabled SaaS solution, has been acknowledged for its remarkable contribution to healthcare back-office automation through the Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Initiative. Recognized for its outstanding efforts by both Microsoft and Women in Cloud (WIC), AffableBPM's Founder and CEO, Rajashree Varma, recently shared exclusive insights into the company's journey, mission, and commitment to aligning business...

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  • Empowering Business Processes: AffableBPM Featured in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

    In the dynamic landscape of modern business, efficient and streamlined processes are essential for success. AffableBPM, a leading business process automation AI enabled solution, has recently achieved a significant milestone by being featured in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This collaboration marks a strategic move to bring cutting-edge BPM capabilities to a broader audience, providing organizations with the   tools they need...

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  • Conserving Natural Resources: The Role of Technology and Businesses in Promoting Environmental Sustainability

    The significant increase in life expectancy compared to the 1800s and 1900s is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement for humanity. Advances in medicine, improved living conditions, and better access to healthcare have all contributed to longer and healthier lives. However, this positive trend also presents a new set of challenges, particularly with regards to population growth and its impact on the...

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