We are thrilled to introduce Dan Feimster, an accomplished product innovator, strategist, and leader with a remarkable 20-year journey in the realm of digital transformation and data-driven solutions. With a robust track record encompassing strategic planning, product innovation, corporate development, partnerships, and business development, Dan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. 

Dan channels his energy and talents to address the healthcare industry’s intricate challenges. Acting as a catalyst for growth and driving forward-looking product planning, Dan has proficiently navigated and built solutions for a spectrum of complex healthcare topics ranging from population health to healthcare payments holding multiple patents and patent applications in these areas. 

Dan recently led the healthcare market strategy for a fintech startup, C2FO, and previously held pivotal leadership roles such as Head of Product Strategy at eSolutions, a company later acquired by Waystar, and General Manager for Cerner’s Healthcare Financial Data Network. During his illustrious 10-year tenure at Cerner Corporation, Dan took on numerous strategic positions, to incubate new ideas and provide direction for transformative growth. In these roles, he expertly managed the complex world of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) operations and forged invaluable third-party relationships. His unwavering dedication and expertise in RCM and population health solutions significantly contributed to Cerner’s growth and innovation. 

Yet, Dan’s impact extends beyond the boardroom. As a father of four, he brings his leadership skills and mentorship abilities to his personal life, where he excels as a negotiator and collaborator. Whether it’s strategizing with his children about their sports activities, assisting with homework, or embarking on outdoor adventures, Dan embodies the spirit of excellence and teamwork in every facet of his life. 

We are delighted to welcome Dan Feimster to our team, confident that his unique blend of experience, strategic thinking, and passion for innovation will play a pivotal role in our continued growth and success. His arrival marks a significant milestone for us as we embrace the future of healthcare solutions and embark on a journey of transformation and excellence. 

Dan shared his enthusiasm with “I’m very excited to join the Board of Advisors at AffableBPM. This is a great opportunity to contribute to driving impactful solutions in healthcare while working with talented leadership. I’m particularly impressed with AffableBPM’s team and the direction that Rajashree provides. I look forward to working together on the development of innovative products that address critical healthcare challenges and drive meaningful improvement in outcomes for patients and healthcare professionals alike.” 

Our CEO, Rajashree Varma, expressed her excitement for Dan joining AffableBPM’s Board of Advisor stating, “Dan brings a wealth of senior-level expertise from the healthcare vertical at Cerner, fully aligning with AffableBPM’s Go-To-Market strategy via channels. We are super excited to have Dan as our advisor to help navigate healthcare channels as sales growth will be a driving force in propelling AffableBPM forward, fostering innovation, and enhancing our Go-To-Market strategy.”